Serve Capital Partners, LLC was founded in early 2016 and is based in Austin, Texas.  Prior to Serve, Scott Bigham and Mike McClure worked at the University of Texas Investment Management Company (“UTIMCO”), where they were senior members of the Private Investments team.  Serve leverages the knowledge base and relationships Scott and Mike built while at UTIMCO to source unique deal flow and construct an attractive portfolio for its investors, including high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors.  

Serve focuses on investing in niche private equity strategies including:

Serve believes these strategies are the most attractive areas for investment within the private investment universe.  In addition, Serve seeks to identify “off-the-run” opportunities within the private equity markets, which would be difficult for many investors to identify and access on their own.  

Serve attempts to differentiate itself from its competitors by:

  • focusing on niche areas within the private equity universe, which are difficult to identify and access;
  • taking an opportunistic, “best ideas” approach to portfolio construction;
  • building a concentrated portfolio of opportunities with high risk-adjusted return expectations; and
  • staying committed to raising smaller funds instead of scaling Serve’s platform materially over time.